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* based on the (German) Vermieterstudie, 2013

Our owner says...

We advertise our property in Kea trough HomeAway since 2011 with great success and I must say given the tough financial situation in our country, this practice has been lifesaving. When we first listed our house there were 8 properties in the island, now there are 64, nevertheless the booking requests have been increasing year after year and there is no need to advertise elsewhere. The response from the owner support department has always been prompt and all issues have been resolved immediately. If we did not have HomeAway we wouldn’t be able to support our property and enjoy it with our friends when we do not have guests. Nefeli Angelopoulou, Property number 384919

Our traveler says...

We have rented vacation homes through HomeAway twice and have been completely satisfied. For groups of two or more couples, renting a house is probably the best option for a relaxed, private holiday. HomeAway has a great selection of houses catering to all tastes and the hosts we met were extremely polite and helpful. I would dare say that the service was better than most hotels! Will definitely use HomeAway again. Alexandros Kallantzis, Avid traveler


  •   Why am I being asked to list my property on (in Great Britain), (in Germany), (in Italy) and (in France) if my property is located in Greece?

    You have an option to place your property advert on any of the above international HomeAway sites by clicking on any of the above buttons “Get started”, depending on which language you are comfortable with. It does not matter which one of the four sites above you choose to list it on, as they are all partners of HomeAway so your listing will be visible in our whole global network and reach millions of travelers across the world.

  •   What does it cost?

    We have different advert models and pricing available, please select country and brand above to find more details.

  •   Can I list on any of the above HomeAway sites and still get exposure in Greece?

    Yes, you can – your ad will be seen throughout the HomeAway network which includes our Greek site as well.